Ode to YaYa's Big 50 Bash!!

by ET54

On August the 5th we came to this city
Which most could not even spell..what a pity!
And we came from the west, the north, south and east
This YA YA gal had promised us a huge feast
Well, feast we did and dance and laugh
You would have thought she had a whole staff.
For some of us TERM was the first friendly face
He pulled airport duty and did it with grace.
Was a good thing that LEEN wore that yellow
By eleven we were wondering if we'd ever say hello!
The big surprise was LOTS who came with his toys
Bunnies for the girls and boobies for the boys
There was tall, handsome MOD who tried to act shy
But every gal here had a dance with this guy.
On out by the river you could find REDDZ and AL
They never go anywhere without FARFEL, their pal.
Was Friday when SALLY finally hit town
And yes all you guys...her eyes are really BROWN
GO GAL delighted us with her songs and dance
She doesn't sit down even when given the chance!
Then she and MON CHAPPIE got right down to it..
Where is your mind? I'm referring to the duet!
GAMMA was there from the sunshine state
With HAWIE and ET, she kept LOTS up....late!!!!
HAWIE made name tags and schedules to read
You gotta feel sorry with this gang to lead!
All the way from Kangaland came JULIAN and JACKIE
Those down under wonders were wild and so whacky!
That gal streakin by with the well-toned pecs
Was SAM I AM out for her early morning treks.
We can't forget OREILLE, LOU LOU and ROY
Our favorite Cannuks..two girls and a boy.
CHORDBUSTER truly lived up to his name
His sore little footsie sure left him lame!
Who could forget RETBUT and his wife, MARGE
Their D.J. duties sure added some charge
MARY ANN came with BRENT to her third 50's bash
Guess she does not find this gang too rash.
RHONDA came too...she's a little illusive
But we bugged her anyway cuz we're all intrusive.
PATSY came too accompanied by her GRUMPY
And we toured the back streets, every lumpy and bumpy!
MARY 1940 ..was her very first time
I'm told she found the 6th floor simply divine!
D2LEE2 soon joined Lar's Angels
An invitation all the gals tried to finagle!
On Saturday morning RUSTY50 surprised us
Said she had to get here by plane, train or bus.
SPADJO arrived and promptly got lost
Someone forgot to tell him who was boss!
BONJO tried to convince us that she was a "sister"
Do I look like I just fell off the turnip truck mister????
There also was WALTER, DAKOTA, VAN MAN
You just learn his handle and he changes again!
From the south BAMA EAGLE flew in with a crash
He managed to smile for the whole darn bash!
Last but not least, my good friend SNOW CRYSTAL
Her looks may have changed but she's the same little pistol!!
The weather was fine and the food was tremendous
The whole darn party has been truly stupendous
So now we head back hungover, tired and sick
With a big thanks to YAYA, PEE PEE BOY and REAL DICK!!!